Technical Product Manager

Science and Technology Writer & Editor

Recognized and awarded for taking ownership of challenging process changes, Amelia Jaycen is a sharp business analyst known for her ability to create standards, lead PMO governance, amplify the voice of the customer, and bring order to innovative agile projects and operations.

You will find projects in her 20-year portfolio spanning agile software development, innovative R&D management, government contract administration, science and technical writing, startup operations, climate and energy reporting, information management, laboratory and field work planning, management, and documentation.

From the Journal: Journal of Chemical Physics WASHINGTON, D.C., April 2, 2019 — The power to align water molecules is usually
NEWPORT NEWS, VA –  In the world of computing, there’s a groundswell of excitement for what is perceived as the
Those were the glory days. Amy Wright would plop down into the seat inside a giant acrylic dome to be submerged
BERKELEY, California—A group of eager writers attending the World Conference of Science Journalists 2017 stood on an upper platform at Berkeley’s Advanced Light
In August 2017 a research group led by explorer and philanthropist Paul G. Allen used ultra-high-tech underwater equipment to locate
“Report from the Top of the World!” The flier caught my attention immediately. The U.S. Embassy in Oslo and the
Antarctica is more like interstellar space than any other place on earth. It is extremely cold‚ dry‚ calm‚ and extra dark with clear
Amelia Jaycen was awarded the Society of Professional Journalists Region 8 Mark of Excellence Non-Fiction Magazine Article category, announced Mar. 30.
Mr. Universe. Lonely Hearts and Einstein in Love: The Personal Side of Science is a feature-length profile of former New
[Image: The nickel smelting plant in Nikel, Russia located just over the Norwegian border produces pollution that has been a problem
UNT researchers use new technology to study wetland function, mitigate human impacts, milk the benefits of nature. ( Continue Reading
WASHINGTON, DC, April 23, 2024 – Oil spills are deadly disasters for ocean ecosystems. They can have lasting impacts on
Collins: Keeping Earth in View Doesn't Require a Spacecraft Earth Day 2019: This year marks the 50th anniversary of mankind’s
New model details Brillouin scattering interactions between light and sound waves in polyimide-coated fiber for detecting liquids outside the cladding
Christine Spiten is the 27 year old co-founder and chief global strategist of Blueye Robotics, a company making underwater drones that
WASHINGTON, D.C., February 6, 2018-- Silicon has long been the go-to material in the world of microelectronics and semiconductor technology.
From discovering the rings of Supernova 1987A during his time at the European Southern Observatory (Garching‚ Germany) to pioneering supernova spectropolarimetry
The computer scientists working on INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic  Night view programming as an art form. They are also versed in the language of
INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night is a suite of data instruments that use data from hundreds of thousands of stars captured by
INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night obtained more than one million data files and optical data images of the night sky over the
Marvin Minsky, computing pioneer, cognitive scientist, and a founding father of artificial intelligence known for his relentless ambition and forward
Eight-thousand, two-hundred feet above sea level on the northern slope of Mauna Loa in a place surrounded by the barren, lava-rock
Ira Greenberg treats himself like a computer. His is the art + science of using coding as a paintbrush and exploring
The intersection of art + science is not a place to which a map can be drawn. Its practitioners won’t
If you’re following VR, you’re probably hearing a lot about presence. But what is it? The definition is elusive. Presence
This BBC report live from Kirkenes in the High North of Norway talks about Russia-NATO relations, hundreds of refugees on
The soundtrack of the BBC World Service Discovery podcast episode “Sounds of Space: Deep Space” uses data from CSTAR telescopes
ANDERSON — Straddling a dammed-up creek 20 miles east of College Station squats the Gibbons Creek Steam Electric Station, a
Professor Ruth West, together with two students and a University of Tasmania collaborator, published in the proceedings of the SPIE,
The Landfill Gas and Biogas Symposium March 16-19, 2015 in New Orleans will give biomass managers a chance to assess
End-of-year Company Update Dec. 2, 2014 — The world’s largest publicly traded energy company is weathering the storm of falling