Technical Product Manager

Science and Technology Writer & Editor

Recognized and awarded for taking ownership of challenging process changes, Amelia Jaycen is a sharp business analyst known for her ability to create standards, lead PMO governance, amplify the voice of the customer, and bring order to innovative agile projects and operations.

You will find projects in her 20-year portfolio spanning agile software development, innovative R&D management, government contract administration, science and technical writing, startup operations, climate and energy reporting, information management, laboratory and field work planning, management, and documentation.

I lived in Kirkenes, Norway for five weeks this summer, and I could not put into words what it mean
This incredible, short piece by Pico Iyer captures some of the heavy psychological burdens of creativity. Indeed, many of my literary
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Nov. 2 issued its Synthesis Report - a combination three IPCC Working Group reports, which IPCC
"The Factory has eight printers for standard printing needs and a large format printer; a Raspberry Pi, a computer no
An excellent travel story about Norway from The New York Times with a final destination in Kirkenes, a tiny border-town north
Ebola coming to America has been called a "situation," a "crisis" and a "scare," among other things. Here's a 4-minute
[Image: David Craig Pearson, the Texas Railroad Commission's new seismologist, is giving serious attention to the state's earthquakes. Friday, Sept. 26,
[Image: Amelia Jaycen] At first glance, the work of James Geurts may not be what you expect to see at Zhulong
Mr. Universe. Lonely Hearts and Einstein in Love: The Personal Side of Science is a feature-length profile of former New
[Image: Andi Harman] A woman is lying on the floor of an 8th St loft space in Oak Cliff like a sacrifice, seemingly
[Image from Quantum Diaries: A french birthday party and update on the Higgs boson, sterile neutrinos, and a physicist and
"Digital Frontiers is a project to explore innovation and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries in the arena of public humanities and
In blistering Texas summer heat, the Mayborn Tribe gathers each summer in north Texas to talk about the craft, learn
[Image: Google satellite image of the city of Norilsk, Russia.] Students from Russia, U.S., Norway, Germany, Italy, China and U.K. arrived this
[Image: The nickel smelting plant in Nikel, Russia located just over the Norwegian border produces pollution that has been a problem
[Image: Researchers collect an ice core to measure its temperature and salinity near "RV Lance" during the N-ICE test cruise
[Images: Amelia Jaycen] Students from Russia, U.S., Norway, Germany, Italy, China and U.K. arrived this week in Norilsk, Russia where they will
[Image: Students and local leaders in the Barents Summer School in Kirkenes, Norway. Credit: Amelia Jaycen] Twenty-four Ph.D. students including Norwegian,
[Images & slideshow by Amelia Jaycen] Minister of Fisheries Elisabeth Aspaker went on her first king crab fishing trip in
A local upstart reaching people by combining the power of information with food news in Denton, Texas. Also, see research from Feed
Zhulong Gallery, with its glass façade and dragon shaped gallery space, aims to be a new force in the Dallas
[Image courtesy WaterTower Theatre] Diana Sheehan is an award-winning actress and singer who relocated to Dallas five years ago and
Every July writers come from all over the U.S. to join the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. See for more
[Image: Josh Butler outside the Campu Theater marquee. Photo by Amelia Jaycen] When Josh Butler took an energetic leap of
The City of Denton implements new building codes for large complexes like Rayzor Ranch so water washing over acres of
When you find that every cell in your body is motivated toward story-telling— as George says, “stories no one else
My assignment was to read 85% of the articles in The Best American Science Writing of 2013 and then try to
This is the thing. That thing that kept me up all night long. It was created by myself and my