science journalist and photographer Amelia Jaycen

Amelia Jaycen is a journalist covering physics, energy, materials, engineering and ocean technology.

You’ll find articles across the spectrum of Arctic research, climate change, energy, technology and more.

[Image: Dr. Oliver Chyan] A single microchip can have several billion circuits built into a predetermined design according to its
This Science magazine interactive features asks, "Who Does Peer Review?"
[Image: Amelia Jaycen] University of North Texas Regents Professor of Biological Sciences Dr. James Kennedy is conducting his twelfth year of mosquito sampling
So I got into grad school, after completing a large chunk of my studies, considering an interdisciplinary degree, and then
UNT researchers use new technology to study wetland function, mitigate human impacts, milk the benefits of nature. ( Continue Reading
Local company run by mastermind Liz Larsen creates modular synthesizers to manipulate video. Learn about modular video synthesizers at
Brave Combo not only challenges the feet with a dare-to-dance attitude pouring from the stage, but their music challenges the
[Diagram showing Mohanty's content provider end method. Photo: Courtesy Mohanty] Saraju Mohanty's invention provides comprehensive solutions for securing digital video, and
In 1953, James D. Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double-helix structure of the DNA strand –a ribbon of genetic
Building contractors across the country may owe certain thanks to UNT plastics engineers over the next few years.  Regents Professor
College of Visual Arts and Design new media assistant professor Paula Gaetano-Adi has been awarded the prestigious VIDA Art and Artificial Life Awards' Artistic Production Incentives
The Transfiguration of Objectivity A review of: Custodians of Conscience by James Ettema & Theodore Glasser If you’ve ever picked